2017 / 2018 Year 11 Results Summary

pendlebury centre icon onlyThe Pendlebury Centre typically offers short term placements to students. The focus of our work, in short, is to assessment the needs of referred students, improve their engagement with education and move them forward with their emotional and social skills. This then provides a platform for increased progress in their learning and a bridge to a longer-term provision.

For Year 11 students referred in to the Pendlebury Centre, they will each typically complete a number of core GCSEs and alternative qualifications at the Pendlebury Centre. The completion of these qualifications is typically within a much shorter timeframe than their peers in mainstream schools, with the majority of our students having a disrupted KS4 education prior to referral to the Pendlebury Centre.


The cohort for 2017/2018 was 16 students – although not all were entered for GCSE exams, with some undertaking an alternative. The following achievements were reached:

  • 15 students gained a GCSE English qualification and 15 students gained a Functional Skills English qualification.
  • 16 students gained a GCSE Maths qualification and 16 students gained an alternative Maths qualification.
  • 13 students gained a GCSE Science qualification and 7 students gained an alternative Science qualification.
  • 6 students gained the ECDL award, with a further 7 students gaining modular certificates.
  • 6 students gained a GCSE Art & Design qualification.
  • 8 students gained a full Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award with a further 7 students each gaining 3 sectional certificates for ‘Skills’, ‘Physical’ and ‘Volunteering’ at Bronze Level.
  • 9 students gained a Preparation for Working Life qualification.
  • 2 students gained a GCSE in English Literature.
  • 1 student gained a GCSE in Geography.
  • 1 student gained a GCSE in History.
  • 1 student achieved a GCSE in Media Studies.
  • 1 student achieved a BTech in Dance.
Progress in Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.

In terms of our SEMH remit, the following headlines can reported in terms of student achievement:

  • Students with attendance stabilising broadly within the 85 – 100% range over course of placement = 56%
  • Students with 50%+ increase in attendance when comparing their attendance at the PRU to their attendance 12 weeks before admission = 94%
  • Students with 100%+ increase in attendance when comparing their attendance at the PRU compared to their attendance 12 weeks before admission = 88%

Students with positive and stabilising conduct score over the course of the placement =88%

Transition to Post-16.

Part of our work with Year 11 students is to support their transition to a post-16 provider. Destinations for our students (as of 30th November 2017) were as follows:

  • Entry Level courses – 0
  • Foundations courses – 2
  • Level 1 courses – 0
  • Level 2 courses – 6
  • Level 3 courses – 1
  • A level courses – 4
  • Apprenticeships / vocational training – 1
  • Voluntary employment – 1
  • Has secured a placement but yet to undertake post-16 study – 1

The Pendlebury Centre presents the information for Year 11 leavers in this way due to the small numbers in each year group and the need to retain a level of confidentiality for our students. Requests for more detailed information can be made to the Headteacher, Janice Cahill – please see our contact page for details.