Parent Information

Information on school uniform can be accessed here: Uniform Guide.

Information on school term dates can be found below:

School Calendar

Our school year for 2018/2019 is as follows:

School Opens: Tuesday 4th September 2018

School Closes: Friday 19th October 2018

Autumn Half Term Break

School Opens: Monday 29th October 2018

School Closes: Friday 21st December 2018

Christmas Holidays

School Opens: Monday 7th January 2019

School Closes: Friday 15th February 2019

Spring Half Term Break

School Opens: Monday 25th February 2019

School Closes: Friday 5th April 2019

Easter Holidays

School Opens: Wednesday 24th April 2019

May Day Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2019

School Closes: Friday 24th May 2019

Whitsun Half Term Break

School Opens: Monday 3rd June 2019

Staff Inset Day: Friday 5th July 2019

School Closes: Friday 19th July 2019

Summer Holidays

School opens for 2018/2019 Academic Year: Monday 2nd September 2019

Staff Inset Days (Centre Closed for Students):

Monday 3rd September 2018
Tuesday 23rd April 2019
Friday 5th July 2019
Monday 22nd July 2019
Tuesday 23rd July 2019

School Day

The school day starts at the following times:

Year 11 P, R and U Groups (Personalised Placement) – 9.45am

Year 10 Assessment Group (8 Week Placement) – 9.00am

KS3 Groups (18 Week Placement) – 9.00am

Cedars Group (18 Week Placement) – 9.30am

Students who regularly arrive after their agreed start time without good reason will make up lost study time at the end of the school day. Students are not allowed to leave the Centre during the school day. If students need fresh air they may go into the supervised outdoor areas. Good attendance and punctuality is acknowledged and praised through our rewards system.