Pendlebury Centre – Background Information

Background Information

The Pendlebury Centre is one of three Pupil Referral Units (PRUs) for secondary aged students in Stockport.

The Centre provides full-time placements for 40 students with a variety of social, emotional and mental health needs. These placements are not permanent but offered on a short to medium basis, typically as follows:

– Year 7, Year 8, Year 9 – 18 School Weeks

– Year 10 – 8 School Weeks initially

– Year 11 – Personalised according to level of needs

– Cedars – 18 School Weeks

The Centre also acts as a base for the Secondary Jigsaw team (Community CAMHS), the Education of Sick Children team (ESC) and has a specialist Tier 3 provision called Cedars. As a result, the Centre supports around 600 students per academic year.

The Pendlebury Centre is proud to have had five consecutive ‘Outstanding’ judgements from Ofsted, the most recent in January 2017 – this being a reflection of the commitment and expertise of its staff in working with young people to go some way in overcoming complex issues and difficult situations.