All internally-written policies are reviewed every two calendar years – unless new developments and/or practices emerge which require more immediate review. The Centre is also subject to a number of national policies and local authority policies – these are reviewed according to separate schedules.

Policy documentation currently available for online viewing:

Access to Fair Assessment Statement (Last Updated: Jan 2016)

Attendance and Behaviour Policy (Last Updated: Jan 2015)

British Values Policy (Last Updated: Feb 2016)

Pendlebury Centre Uniform Guide (Last Updated: June 2016)

Corporate Complaints Policy (Last Updated: Oct 2013)

Complaints About Schools – Parental Summary (Last Updated: Sept 2016)

Enrichment Policy (Last Updated: Oct 2015)

Equality and Diversity Policy – inc. Equality Objectives (Last Updated: Jan 2017)

Homework Policy (Last Updated: Jan 2016)

Pupil Premium Vision Statement (Last Updated: May 2015) – year-on-year reports can be accessed here.

Reading, Writing and Communication Policy (Last Updated: Sept 2016)

Safeguarding Policy (Last Updated: Jan 2017)

Searching, Screening & Confiscation Policy (Last Updated: June 2016)

SEN Offer (Last Updated: March 2015)

SEND Policy (Last Updated: Jan 2015)

Teaching and Learning Policy (July 2015)

Charging Policy: During the year there are visits to a variety of places. Most of these involve no charge to the students. However, there are some visits which will require payment. These cannot run without parents’ contribution. Students are expected to contribute towards ingredients used in Food Technology. Drinks & healthy snacks can be purchased at reasonable prices at break if they arrive on time at the centre.

Paper copies of policies can be provided to parents/carers, free of charge.