All internally-written policies are reviewed every two calendar years – unless new developments and/or practices emerge which require more immediate review. The Centre is also subject to a number of national policies and local authority policies – these are reviewed according to separate schedules.

Policy documentation currently available for online viewing:

Attendance Policy – July 2019

Behaviour Policy – June 2019

Pendlebury Centre Uniform Guide – July 2019

British values policy – June 2019

Charging Policy – July 2019

Complaints About Schools Parental Summary – Sept 2016

Education of Sick Children

Enrichment Policy – July 2019

Equality and Diversity Policy – July 2019

Fair Assessment Statement – July 2019

Homework Policy – July 2019

Improving Emotional Wellbeing in Stockport Education Settings (April 2018)
Strategy | Assessment Tool

Pupil Premium Vision Statement – July 2019

Reading, Writing, Maths and Communication Principles July 2019

Safeguarding Schools Policy 2019

Searching, Screening & Confiscation Policy – July 2019

SEND Information Report – July 2019

SEND Policy – July 2019

Teaching and Learning Policy – July 2019


Paper copies of policies can be provided to parents/carers, free of charge.